My Thoughts On Towels


Does it mean I’m OCD if I have to fold my towels a certain way?  Or does it just mean I like to be neat and tidy.  What is OCD anyway…one of them new buzz words I suppose.

Having just completed folding my ‘finally dry’ Mexican towels, for the third time, I may have to admit that I have a small problem.  Surely nothing serious.

I think I must have been distracted by deep contemplative wondering if there is a towel graveyard and if so, when should one bury one’s used towels’.

It all began when I took my two towels off the drying rack situated in my spare bedroom, where they had been furiously flapping for two days courtesy of my overhead fan, my standing fan, and an open window.  Yes, it’s been damp and misty here in Puerto Vallarta.

I laid them on the bed and proceeded to fold the first one thinking how much I love the smell of fresh clean towels.  Moved on to the next one.  Completed that little task.  Woops!   I’ve done it wrong.  They are inside out…as if a towel can be inside out for heaven’s sake.  Well, these have a pretty border of flowers running along the bottom and I couldn’t see them. The flowers that is, not the towels.  They were gone off to somewhere land and I  had to start all over.

No problem.  Start over.  One, then two….perfect, couldn’t be better.  Place them neatly on top of each other.  What! how can that be.  They don’t line up..oh no, they are two different shapes.    What strange towel spirit is playing games with me.  Perhaps there is a ghost in my new apartment.  It couldn’t be me screwing up again could it.

I’m starting to fee a little anxious here.  Am I having Fibro Fog?  Did I smoke something I forgot about?  OK, one more time.

Eyes straight ahead and focused.  Folding in half length wise….adjusting edges..YES! we are in perfect harmony…checking for flowers – yes, all lined up.

OK, deep breath, hold it in now……fold in showing all pretty in a row.  Both the same, right size, right shape…perfect edges.

Finished, finally, breath released…what now…where do I put my perfectly folded towels?  Oh no, what a wasted effort…I have no shelving for my pretty towels.  Nowhere to display their perfect edges…it doesn’t matter at all cause for now, their home is inside my big green tote that hides behind a curtain in my bedroom.


So I guess that makes me normal, right?????


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Towels

  1. Whatever brings you peace and joy. I have a thing about hanging up my shirts to dry just the right way, Now my husbands freaks out every time it’s his turn to do laundry because he’s afraid he’ll hang my shirt wrong. Oops.

    • Thanks Megan. I’ve never thought about towel’s before so it’s pretty funny. I’m new at this stuff. Just started a few days ago. I’ll get better as I go along and figure out more stuff. Now I have another great blog to follow and read……I’ll start tomorrow

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