A Little Thought

As I made myself ready for my afternoon ritual, which is determined not by the fact that I’m lazy, or by the fact that it’s too damn hot to think, but by the fact that I have a challenge called Fibromyalgia and I tire easily.  Image



So, I’ve returned from my errands and I’m stretched out lovingly on my bed with fans a blazing, preparing myself for the journey… excited about the prospect of thoughts, tiny little thoughts that arrive unannounced and unbidden with no rhyme nor reason and in no predictable order.  Thoughts…..Image

I quiet my mind and follow my breath, waiting for that profound moment of stillness.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  Manifestation 101 for Dummies.

Thank you Universe for publishing all and sundry.  Image

And there it is, a thought.  A thought so perfect, so profound that I know instantly I must follow.  It becomes vivid and full of color and I dive in with no hesitation whatsoever.  Once inside I begin to expand that thought and a story takes shape.

A story about what?  Humanity, life, consciousness, death, where can I get some good dark chocolate?  Image

It’s perfect and I see it in the totality of the Universe.  It all makes perfect sense.  I can see it in my minds eye.  How could I not of known this in my waking state.  It’s so simple and I lie there drifting in the thought, bubbling with laughter at the simplicity, anxious to share it with the world; for indeed, it is no longer difficult to grasp.  I just need to write it down or perhaps I can project it to the world with my mind.  It really is such a profound thought; profound…profund..protuneddd…profewy….what! come back thought, I need you, it all made sense, I know it did. Where have you gone? Please come back…

Doncha just hate it when you lose that thought?

I can easily justify to myself the silent, slinking away of that thought into that deep dark hole.


           It could have been Fybro Fog Image






or it could be the golden age of a slightly hip oldster with perhaps a bit of dementia  Image

or maybe it was the half a joint I smoked to help me relax.  Oh well, none of it really matters, another day a different thought and I’m sure it will be just as profound and just as elusive as this

one was…Reminds me of those good old ‘acid’ days.



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