How To Beat the Heat

That’s heat guys, not meat….

First of all, I’m in Mexico and it’s plenty hot and plenty humid.  How do I deal with it?  My recipe for success lies in following proper procedures put in place along with a check list to ensure completion of said procedures…

  • keep all doors and windows closed
  • post sign on door  Image
  • no access, heat stroke victim inside…do not attempt entry
  • giant guard dog on duty Image
  • position chair directly under fan
  • ensure computer is within easy access
  • do not allow guard dog or PP…short for personal pet..opps…sorry Mini I mean PC, personal companion (although she is my personal pet but she takes offense to that title)  access to your lap.  Ignore all sad eyed looks thrown in your direction
  • take off as many clothes as possible and hope the neighbors don’t see you
  • remove all food and perishables from refrigerator
  • fill with blenders of agua fresca and beer, lots of beer
  • take numerous kitchen bowls and fill with lavender water  Image
  • take same amount of do rags as you have bowls, you know, the things bikers put on their heads to keep their locks tidy
  • dip into bowls of cold lavender water


  • fill every shelf with bowls, and more bowls and more bowls
  • apply upon rising….one for the head and one for the neck
  • do not move
  • do not eat
  • do not do laundry or housework
  • use deep meditation breaths and pray for rain

Follow these instruction to the letter and you may survive….or, you could move to a colder climate

Where are my do rags???  It really is the new look and quite sexy if I do say so myself


Any other suggestions would be welcome….


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