Chug a Lug

Most afternoons I have a beer with lime and clamato while I’m in my reader enjoying blogs.  Just one.  Beer that is.  It’s frikking hot here in Mexico.   pacifico

Being an expert in this area, I wanted to share my experience – about beer.

FACT:  I know this to be true – it happened to me just yesterday…

I was minding my own business, reading blogs, laughing at Katie, admiring photos and sipping on my Pacifico….totally forgetting about lunch, totally forgetting about the time.  Engrossed in other people’s stuff.  Not paying attention to my own.

OMG, it’s past 3:00.  I should be in dreamland this very minute.

I should be sawing logs, snoring and getting my energy back.


This is not good.  Doctor’s orders have me in my bed by 1:30.  What to do, what to do….deep contemplation.  If I nap now, it’s more like bed time, not nap time.  Do I really want to go to bed at this time?  If I do sleep, when will I wake up; tomorrow?  Will I have wasted hours of blogging time?  I know I won’t sleep anyway.  I never do.  I’m far to fatigued to actually sleep.  But, I like to follow orders and Doctor says, no exceptions!  Nap every day, seven days a week….  rejuvenate, get back your energy….plug yourself in.fatigue

I can’t nap now, I’ve got half a beer to finish!  Can’t waste it.  OK, it’s 3:30 now.  I really need to do this.  Chug the beer.  No big deal, what’s half a beer.  Chug a lug, chug a lug….that means drinking really, really fast and I’m old and out of shape for Chug a lugs.         beer

Must finish and get into bed.  Must follow Doctors orders.  Must get the fan going, plump up the pillow, get into that meditative state and relax. Chug chug….oooopppppssss…head rush, head rush…major dizzy!

Boxy/botsi meets floor.  That is Bajan for ass.  My ass.  Now, my ass is not a Bajan style ass, it is a North American style ass…..skinny, no padding and the floor is Mexican style….  hard and tiled.  OK, stay down low, head between legs..spinning is receding.  Don’t think about the big bruise your going to have on your ass.  Don’t think about the fact that you could have landed on your head.  Don’t think at all….just get into the damn bed…no more chug a lug for me.



ps.  Bajun is what folks living in Barbados are called.  I will be sharing some of my ‘Bajun’ stories in the near future


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