Forest So Green had some lovely photos of Community Gardens and it reminded me of the photos I had. I volunteered here when I lived in North Van. Gardening is so good for the soul.  Thanks Forest So Green, for the lovely reminder.  Everything grown here was donated to folks in need.  It was a wonderful project and is still going strong.


Community Gardens, North Vancouver, British Columbia

3 thoughts on “Community Gardens, North Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. I love this! I was riding my bike a few weeks ago and I saw that the county had made community gardens in the medians separating the highway/street in some parts of town. This is pretty new in the D.C area, and seems to be quite in vogue.

    • They are really big on this in North Van. I think the summer I was there, they started about six different plots in different areas and they had just passed a bill to OK growing in the medium as well. It is so cool. there are lots of patio gardens and apartments now have to allow certain areas for the residents to be able to plant. Way Cool and about time. Less grass and more food!

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