Meeting the Challenge

It’s been awhile since I felt energized enough to attempt putting thoughts to paper again and venture back to writing on my blog.


 When I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia a few years ago, I thought I would never find a way to manage it, but eventually with a lot of hard work and a good support system I did, and overall I’m feeling pretty darn good.  The low energy and severe muscle fatigue are sometimes a little hard to handle but overall I think I’ve done well and continue to do so.

Without my Yoga and Swimming, I was having great fun finding ways to occupy myself inside the house by playing around, blogging, trying to pour my life’s history into a few pages, afraid I might lose the memories before I managed to jot them all down and then blam….done

I’m not really sure what took me away from my imposed need to leave my story behind.  Part of it was a month with no computer access.  I think the rest was just me feeling plain old sorry for myself, whining and snivelling about my latest ‘issue’, challenge, limitation.

Image   I hate whiners!  That’s really not like me at all.  I need to have a good talk with myself!  I believe there isn’t anything we can’t overcome and I have plenty of tools to work with.  Affirmations, vision boards, healing white light, meditation, mind over matter… name it, I’ll try it.

After nearly a year of intense pain, it has been decided by the powers that be that I have Frozen Shoulder.  First diagnosis was Rotator Cuff so shots of cortisone were given and all my favorite activities canceled.  Not that I needed a Dr to tell me that.  I hadn’t been able to do anything for several months before I even went to the Dr.  Then it was X-rays, Ultra Sound and Physio to confirm it was Frozen Shoulder and not Rotator Cuff.  


With only 32% range of motion, I’m pretty limited.  Try putting on a bra or washing your hair; take off a shirt or reach for something.  It feels like hundreds of little knives sticking into my arms.  I still haven’t figured out why I have such intense pain in my arms.  It’s supposed to be a shoulder thing.  So, I tell myself it’s OK to snivel once in a while.

The medical profession knows very little about this condition.  Don’t know what causes it, don’t know how to cure it.  The only thing they had to offer was ‘intense physio’, exercise every day and eventually it will go away on its own.  Use heat and ice packs and take pain pills when it gets too bad.  Well, I do my little exercises every day.  I use heat and ice and lots of various rubs.  I smoke the mother’s herb to help me relax when it’s too intense and I hope it will soon show some improvement.

I really thought I had the ‘ageing’ thing down pat.  Thought I was doing a pretty good job of it all.  Then all of a sudden I got Pneumonia, then Bronchitis then Shingles then FM and now this.  Is this a test?  If it is, no worries.  I’ll pass with 100%.  Might take a while but I’ve got plenty of time.

I don’t mind that it takes me a few days to type half a page.  Eventually the story will be told, just like eventually I will get full mobility back in my arms.  In the meantime, I’ve come out of my funk and no more feeling sorry for myself.  Now I can resume where I left off.  Somewhere around Barbados, 1992.