Canada’s own White Knight

I love to read. I have always been a reader as far back as I can remember.  I mostly read fiction. Granted, I have my collection of books: Yoga and exercise books, self help books, natural health books, crafting books but those are for information.

Mostly, I like to read for entertainment. My favorite entertainment right now is fantasy. images You know, the stories about good and evil, light and dark. Lands where there are elves and magic and dragons and white knights that come riding in and save the world.

That’s where I like to go. Where there is light and good and white knights riding in to save the world.

We are in a time of crisis in our world and I need to believe that in our land, Canada, we still have magic and I need to believe we are fighting the dark and pushing it into the light to be immersed into the Collective Consciousness of time.

I need todownload believe we have our own army of knights, riding forward to defend and protect us. I need to believe the army is being led by a young leader, strong in his commitment and hope for the land.


I don’t know if our new PM can pull it off, but I need to believe that he can.


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