Funny Text Moments

It’s the time of the year for Jolly Ho Ho’s and this morning I got mine. I was texting with my daughter to make sure she had the details for my upcoming Xmas visit.

Daughter: When are you coming? So you sent me your itinerary??  Right??

Me: you need it again daughter dear? You obviously did not get your mother’s incredible OCD organizational skills or you wouldn’t have to ask that question.  I took that silly OCD test on Face Book and got 100%  I don’t even know what it means but I guess I must be good if I got 100%.  Right??

Me:  So, needless to say my suitcase is full of stuff other than clothes so I will be raiding your closet.  I am only bringing a couple of pair of jeans, PJ’s, and toiletries and the rest I will get from you.

Me:  Oh, and I will bring my own ugirlnderware….haha


Daughter: I didn’t think you wore those mother…

Me: Only if I’m going out looking for some hot sex….haha



Daughter: OMG mother! What’s wrong with you. You are an old lady!!!!!


Needless to say, daughter is a bit of a prude with absolutely no sense of humor.  I think I have been disowned.


Me:  Actually, I thought I would post the underware thing, and the hot sex thing to my status on Facebook. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you, but it would be so cool to see ‘hot men looking for hot sex’ in my adds instead of Health Food Supplements


and Blundstone boots! blunts





I would stay on FB all day if all I saw were hot men!!

Merry ho ho!!!!!