Today’s Rant

sky is falling

The sky is falling!
My thoughts and feelings are so tumultuous these days. Newsfeeds, Social Networking sites, radio, TV… doesn’t seem to matter where I focus my eyes, it seems the world as I know it has changed overnight. What I believe in and fought and strove for most of my life now seems meaningless. Each day looks scarier and scarier.


In  the 60’s it was Greenpeace,  the Environment, the Vietnam war and legalizing Marijuana.    I was probably in the middle of that crowd. I protested, sheltered Conscientious Objectors in my home, wrote letters to my MP and did everything I could to try to live my beliefs. I joined Greenpeace and thought David Suzuki would save the world. But no one listened to us. No one believed us. The powers that be continued to send our men and women to war, to destroy the planet, to overlook the greed and corruption of our politicians and to allow big corporations and big pharma to flourish.

And the world carried on, and on and on until 50 years later we are on the brink of destruction.

We have climate change; and according to Nasa, 2015 was Planet Earth’s warmest year since modern record-keeping began in 1880.

2391_temp-graph-v2-768pxThe planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1.0 degree Celsius) since the late-19th century, a change largely driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.

Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with 15 of the 16 warmest years on record occurring since 2001. Last year was the first time the global average temperatures were 1 degree Celsius or more above the 1880-1899 average.

As illustrated by the 400,000 attendees at the People’s Climate March in New York City and the solidarity events that took place around the word, the realities of climate change are no longer only being stressed by environmentalists. The effects of climate change will be economic, social, and environmental and will alter people’s lives in a myriad of ways that we are just beginning to understand.

(Wikipedia quotes) On 12 December 2015, the participating 195 countries agreed, by consensus, to the final global pact, the Paris Agreement, to reduce emissions as part of the method for reducing greenhouse gas. In the 12-page document, the members agreed to reduce their carbon output “as soon as possible” and to do their best to keep global warming “to well below 2 degrees C”.  France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, said this “ambitious and balanced” plan was a “historic turning point” in the goal of reducing global warming.  However, some others criticized the fact that significant sections are “promises” or aims and not firm commitments by the countries.

What does this mean? Was anything really achieved? Do we have another 50 years to play around? We need to change how we live. We need to be prepared to give up some of our ‘creature comforts’. GreenhouseGasEmissions_Nat_EN

Canada’s emissions growth between 1990 and 2013 was driven primarily by increased emissions from the fossil fuel industries and transport. We are not doing well in this area.

We need to go GREEN! We need to create new sources of energy. We need to find ways to clean up our oil and safe ways to get it to market. I don’t have faith in Governments. Leaders talk about all the wonderful ways they are going to do things but the reality is: No one leader or party has the power to implement the changes necessary. Look at what is happening in the world today.  The EU is collapsing, and socialist countries are failing. The US, Canada and other capitalist countries are failing.

We have the TPP with those that are for and those that are against, and for now it appears the Canada will sign next week although according to Minister Chrystia Freeland, it doesn’t necessarily mean Canada is committed to it. Does it tell us something about our government’s intent?DC87C4C0-1AC9-422E-ACDF-24EF5910B74C_mw1024_s_n

Then we have CEPA.

pipelines.jpgmajor projects


Pipelines 1





Added to our own economic failure, and the world’s economic failure, we have wars that are causing so much strife and hardship. Folk with no homes; children with no parents or family. People starving and running to what they believe will be a better life, only to be turned away.

Racism and hatred seem to be fueling the debate. People seem to be becoming so judgmental and irrational in their thinking. Should we allow Refugees to come? Should we close our borders?  I read comment after comment and it is so disheartening. How will government deal with the issues of the average Joe when everything else looms so much larger. How can they deal with the ‘small change’, like Dying with Dignity or the legalization of Marijuana. How can they focus on Health Care, the needs of Senior’s, the physically and mentally challenged or our Vetrans.
I fight to believe that we can turn around all this nasty crap we have manifested. I struggle to stay positive and upbeat as I look back at my life and what it once meant; what I strove for and what I believed in.


The Joy of Inspiration

Inspiration, from whence it comes??inspire

 a :  a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation
 b :  the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions
 c :  the act of influencing or suggesting opinions
d :  the quality or state of being inspired
e :  something that is inspired <a scheme that was pure inspiration>
     Today, while on my daily afternoon walk , I realized that over the last few weeks I have been hearing vague whispers in my mind. Whispers that speak of creativity, of humor, of boredom, of fear, of forgetting, of ageing. Trying to pinpoint where they have been coming from, I thought back over my last few days trying to recall conversations I may have heard or places I may have been. Anything that might help me give form to these thoughts.
     Was it during my visit to the Doctor’s office or perhaps while I was in line at the grocery store? Perhaps I read something while scrolling through Facebook or saw something while watching a movie.  Maybe it was the beauty of that big fluffy cloud or the morning mist. The list could go on for pages and pages.  Inspiration can come from anything or anywhere. A person, a place or a thing.
     It’s important for me to find meaning in the things that I do and the thoughts that I have.  Being retired is not all it’s cracked up to be.  I have a lot of free time on my hands and I need to find ways to occupy my day and I certainly don’t need to dwell in negativity worrying about ‘what’s next’.  I’ve done just about everything on my ‘Bucket List’, and have lived a life full of adventure; one most folks only dream about.  I feel like I’ve been inspired forever but the reality is that ever since I returned from Mexico last Spring, I’ve kind of dropped by the wayside and I’m just dawdling along.  Yes, I’ve been busy building a healthy lifestyle after some physical challenges, but I haven’t been doing much else.
     Well, that is about to change!  Thanks to good old Facebook, I got a message from an old friend asking me to follow her blog and it hit me like a lead balloon…yes, I actually have a blog….one I haven’t even thought about for over a year.  Why? who knows.  Lots of reasons.  I stopped jotting down my thoughts because I developed frozen shoulders but I can’t use that excuse any more.  I have 95% range of motion back and there is nothing to stop me from typing, so my new resolve is to continue with my ‘story’ that basically ended in 92′.  It doesn’t matter to me if it never gets read, but it does matter to me that I finish what I started.
     So thanks Tracey Lynn for inspiring me to go forward once more and if anyone does read this, please check out her blog at:

She has some great stories!

Traveling Feet

As I sat meditating on my nasty toenails this morning, wondering if it was too soon to paint them up…..I’m traveling in four days….I started thinking about how important our feet are and how I’m really bad about taking care of my feet and toes in general.  I decided to have a look on Google to see what it had to say.  Well, there are pages and pages along with some really cool info.  Check it out some time.

  • 3 out of 4 Americans experience serious foot problems in their lifetime
  • The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments,19 muscles and a whopping 250,000 sweat glands
  • The afternoon is the optimum time to shop for shoes because the feet tend to be more swollen then
  • 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for them
  • Fingernails and toenails grow faster during hot weather, pregnancy and teenage years
  • 1/4 of all the bones in the human body are down in your feet. When these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body
  • Only a small percentage of the population is born with foot problems
  • It’s neglect and a lack of awareness of proper care – including ill-fitting shoes  that bring on problems
  • Women have about four times as many foot problems as men. High heels are partly to blame


toe cleavage.jpgVogue Editor-in-chief Anna Wintour once listed the “unwritten dress code” of the Voguette, which included “toe-cleavage shoes, sans stockings.” She’s not the only one to preach the sexiness of toe cleavage- opening the vamp of a shoe is well-regarded as a chic move in the fashion world. Frederick’s of Hollywood says showing toes can be sexually suggestive. However, the key is moderation. Manolo Blahnik warns that the secret is only showing the first two cracks.

No wonder our poor feet suffer, and all in the name of vanity.  I’m going to start taking better care of mine.

A Little Thought

As I made myself ready for my afternoon ritual, which is determined not by the fact that I’m lazy, or by the fact that it’s too damn hot to think, but by the fact that I have a challenge called Fibromyalgia and I tire easily.  Image



So, I’ve returned from my errands and I’m stretched out lovingly on my bed with fans a blazing, preparing myself for the journey… excited about the prospect of thoughts, tiny little thoughts that arrive unannounced and unbidden with no rhyme nor reason and in no predictable order.  Thoughts…..Image

I quiet my mind and follow my breath, waiting for that profound moment of stillness.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  Manifestation 101 for Dummies.

Thank you Universe for publishing all and sundry.  Image

And there it is, a thought.  A thought so perfect, so profound that I know instantly I must follow.  It becomes vivid and full of color and I dive in with no hesitation whatsoever.  Once inside I begin to expand that thought and a story takes shape.

A story about what?  Humanity, life, consciousness, death, where can I get some good dark chocolate?  Image

It’s perfect and I see it in the totality of the Universe.  It all makes perfect sense.  I can see it in my minds eye.  How could I not of known this in my waking state.  It’s so simple and I lie there drifting in the thought, bubbling with laughter at the simplicity, anxious to share it with the world; for indeed, it is no longer difficult to grasp.  I just need to write it down or perhaps I can project it to the world with my mind.  It really is such a profound thought; profound…profund..protuneddd…profewy….what! come back thought, I need you, it all made sense, I know it did. Where have you gone? Please come back…

Doncha just hate it when you lose that thought?

I can easily justify to myself the silent, slinking away of that thought into that deep dark hole.


           It could have been Fybro Fog Image






or it could be the golden age of a slightly hip oldster with perhaps a bit of dementia  Image

or maybe it was the half a joint I smoked to help me relax.  Oh well, none of it really matters, another day a different thought and I’m sure it will be just as profound and just as elusive as this

one was…Reminds me of those good old ‘acid’ days.



As I sit outside on my second morning here in Puerto Vallarta, drinking my cup of coffee, looking out over the city, I pause to reflect back on my life and to what brought me to this point in time.  I think it began in the late 60’s.

A midst the sounds of birds singing, dogs barking and chickens squawking it reminds me of the totality of life, the never ending circle and the many gifts given freely as long as we are open and ready to receive them.

There is a gentle breeze blowing helping to offset the heat of the sun, blazing down, spreading rays of sunshine to brighten the day and take away the dark of night.  No rain, but surely it will soon come and cool things down.

I give thanks and praises every day for the life I have been given, the tenacity to rush forward to the next adventure without pause or regret, loving life, being comfortable with my own selfishness, knowing that I am loved unconditionally by the folks that count, namely my family and friends.  knowing it’s OK to let go of those that judge me and know me not.

There was a wonderful post on FB this morning.  A meditation on unconditional love.  A tough one indeed.  One of the greatest challenges I continue to strive for in my day do day existence.  It sounds great in theory, but very difficult to put into practice.  Judgments always seem to be sitting on my shoulder, waiting to jump out and attack!  I am much more loving and forgiving towards others than I am to my self.

The last few years have been a very trying time for me physically.  I have had, and continue to have some major issues to deal with.  When I’m down and out physically and struggling with pain, I find it difficult to stay in the moment, in love and unconditional.  All the anger and ‘why me’ tends to surface, causing great emotional duress and making it difficult to stay focused and strong in my daily meditation, difficult to stay open, focused, trusting in the power of the Universe to bring me back to my center.  I find I am quick to judge my limitations and not so quick to forgive what I can no longer do.

Well, I seem to have gotten off track….but that’s what a rambling mind does I guess.  I really do want to figure out how I got this far in life so I will continue another day.

freespirit424 is going to have a beer…might help me think…haha